Doug's Efnet and Undernet IRC stats pages

Items of possible interest include :

Efnet (the biggest, oldest (except maybe for the Efnet offshoot `IRCnet') IRC network)

  • Semi-current Efnet usage
  • Last week's Efnet usage
  • Yesterday's Efnet usage
  • Efnet usage stats archive

    Undernet (Somewhat smaller, but still big)

    Currently broken, sorry! In order to fix it, I need an Undernet server who's willing to run a daemon that polls the network once or twice an hour and is willing to make a small change to their ircd. Email dougmc [at] for details!

    For now, the Undernet stats don't give any sort of useful information regarding clients, but do accurately tell which servers were linked where.

  • Semi-current usage of Undernet
  • Last week's Undernet usage
  • Yesterday's Undernet usage
  • Undernet usage stats archive

    Other stuff, may be related to either net or neither net.

  • Misc stuff, descriptions, etc.
  • A detailed explanation of my stats and what they mean.
  • Server lists

    Note that you can reach all of this via http at or via ftp at - both areas are identical. In particular, ftp may be easier for getting at the archives. Note also that the data in the `archives' section has been compressed with `gzip' to save space. Use `gunzip' to uncompress it.

    Some other IRC stats (not created by me) are available at :


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