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"You'll never catch a nudist with his pants down."
"Nudists are people who wear one-button suits."


The Longhorn Nudists believe that nudity is the natural state of our species (although clothing may have played some small part in human evolution); we're all born naked. We believe that there is no shame in being naked; on the contrary, nudity is quite comfortable and relaxing. We strongly support body-acceptance; The human body is a wonderful thing to be enjoyed and celebrated in all its myriad forms. We do know that clothing often serves a useful purpose; among other things, it can protect us from the elements. But clothing can also create artificial barriers between people. People often discriminate against others based on clothing. We believe that there are times and places where clothing is a good idea (i.e., Greenland or Earth orbit) but we also know that very often, clothing is superfluous and can even get in the way. (Don't you just hate getting sand in your bathing suit?)

We also believe in the fundamental and Constitutionally-guaranteed right to Freedom of Speech. We're shocked and offended by recent attempts by the U.S. Congress to censor expression on the Internet. For more information on the Blue Ribbon Campain, click here:
Free Speech Online - Blue Ribbon Campaign

Recent News

This is our new flyer. You'll probably see a modified version of this flyer on the kiosks around campus.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events include hiking, camping, bowling, swimming, visits to Hippie Hollow, trips to nudist resorts, hot-tub parties and movie nights! We also plan to go to Twin Falls on the Barton Creek Greenbelt eventually. After a good rain, it's deep enough to jump from the cliffs into the pool below the falls. And as you can see, the rocks above the falls are nice for sunbathing. There are also a few other places on Lake Travis that are very nice for swimming, sunbathing and cliff-diving.

If you'd like more information, please send us email. Get involved with Nude Recreation!

Who We Are

Here, our members explain in their own words why they enjoy being a part of the group.

Our Photos Page

This page contains some photos taken at outings, events, and meetings.

Information and Resources
Many people have questions about nudism. Some of the more Freqently Asked Questions have been answered in the rec.nude USENET newsgroup.

Miscellaneous Junk

Here is one of the first flyers we passed out on campus:

Longhorn Nudists Flyer

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